About Us

After years of hectic lives in the construction business, Rick and Carolyn Bunk decided to take the leap and pursue their dream of operating a bed and breakfast in the Smoky Mountains. Their search led them to the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina and ultimately to the little town of Waynesville. Rick and Carolyn knew immediately this was the right spot. What's not to love with so much beautiful mountain scenery, hiking trails, and streams aplenty. The natural streams allowed Rick to pursue his passion for fly fishing.

A Town unlike Any Other

Waynesville is a town with unique shops and fantastic restaurants. You can find anything from a rib shack to a friendly pub. There is even fine dining for that special event that requires a proper celebration.

When Rick and Carolyn were searching for a property to purchase, they learned that a motel where they were staying was on the market. They soon became proud owners of the Oak Park Inn, and they are now enjoying their 10th year of ownership. The Bunks have woven themselves into the fabric of the Waynesville community, and they love working with others to make this little mountain town thrive.

In their minds, the Inn is just a big 37-bedroom home. They have developed so many beautiful friendships with the people who have returned season after season.

Contact us today to stay at an established hotel in the Smoky Mountains. We proudly serve guests from across the nation and throughout the Smokey Mountains.

Rick and Carolyn
Rick and Carolyn with hats